Socks for the Discerning gentleman

Allow us to present CNYTTAN’s top-drawer line of dress socks for gentlemen with a discerning eye for style. Ever mindful of detail, CNYTTAN’s sock have won the adoration of a great many for their comfortable and luxurious fit coupled with a classy and elegant design. Allow the sophistication and elegance of this year’s line to be the coup de grace in your wardrobe.


Meet the Founders

Launched in 2009, the Korean brand CNYTTAN has won the adoration of many with its classy design and excellent quality. Hear the story of two founders, and find out what lead to the genesis of CNYTTAN.

Brand Concept

The personal Classic for Discerning Gentleman

It has been said that an object may only become imbued with beauty once it holds time. If such is true about inanimate articles, mustn’t it be even more so for human life?

Even to enjoy only the best life has to offer, our time is too short. Things of value, however, are not exclusively things of great expense.

Just as an item only comes it to its own when put to use, not simply amassed, so too are there a great many articles, which are small but have great value.

A pair of socks, which are carefully selected every morning, are one such case. As are ties, which are tied firmly, as if to shore up the foundation of one’s pride.

Likewise, a gentleman with a discerning eye, will possess a melange of precious items, which help create his own value.

The aim pursed by CNYTTAN is to recognize the significant value of small items and to foster the beauty of life through those values.

Our Story

On an auspicious day back in 2009, the paths of a fashion designer and an advertising agent crossed fortuitously and the two commenced a discussion of what it meant to live a truly happy life.

They arrived at the conclusion that one key to happiness was the essence of life that we tend to overlook during our busy day-to-day existence and the enjoyment offered by things that give us a small, but meaningful sense of value. The two came to believe that gathering those moments of perceived value would put them on the right track towards beautiful and fulfilled lives.

The brand, CNYTTAN [nita:n] is the fruit of our first project, which was undertaken based on this simple belief. CNYTTAN was born out of the desire to reveal the hitherto ignored value and essence of socks as a fashion item that expresses the beauty of everyday life — going far beyond the quotidian function of a common garment that is donned and cast aside thoughtlessly every day.

We were blessed to see the fruit of our efforts as a growing body of discerning clientele discovered the exquisite value in our socks, and came to agree that they were an expression of the beauty of daily life, and transcend the label of a trivial item. We also witnessed an elevation in the status of the sock, from something that had been paid nary a second thought, to an important part of a gentleman’s fashion arsenal. As the market broadened, and others made forays into the field, we accepted newcomers as meaningful growth, not competitors.

As our sixth anniversary approaches, we find ourselves contemplating ever more feverishly the true essence of style.

We believe that Le Corbusier with his trademark bowtie and round glasses or Picasso sporting a slick Breton shirt in old pictures are leaps beyond the models found in countless fashion catalogs because we remember their passion and beauty. Just as people define their own classic through garment choice, we hope, socks can offer an alluring value in our lives, beyond fashion.

What CNYTTAN [nita:n] means

The modern English word “knit” is derived from the Old English word “cnyttan”. And one of the earliest known examples of knitting was cotton socks with stranded knit color patterns found in Egypt. In the creation of fine socks, we always aim to be faithful to our origins. That aim is what led us to christen our brand CNYTTAN.

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